Just Add Heels Made in Los Angeles

What is fashion?  Fashion is like a vision of painting where your body is a canvas and you are the painter. Your canvas does not have to be painted with Gucci Gold or Chanel Red in order to be a piece of art.

It just needs your vision!  Fine Art is not painted with gold it's painted with Fine Colors. Colors don't speak Brands they speak Colors.  And that's what we are trying to do, is just to bring these "Fine Color Tools" to you. Create and be Creative!

Get Your Paint On!





About Us

Just Add Heels, Los Angeles

Originally from the East Coast my love for the Wild West launched me to into Los Angeles and the heart of the film business. I drove across country with $500 in my purse and have been on many adventures surrounded by incredibly supportive and creative people.  I was lucky enough to work on commercials, music videos, documentaries and feature films. I have traveled the country working on all sorts of interesting projects and have some great stories to tell.

I have worked and learned alongside Oscar winning directors, producers, actors and other amazing talents with everything from race cars to jet planes and everything in between.